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An EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange) as the name suggests, is like having your own telephone exchange at home or office. It allows you to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls (if you so program it) on all your telephone lines from a single telephone instrument connected at a particular extension. It also allows you to make intercom calls amongst all extensions without of course using the telephone lines. There are myriads of features which you may want to consider before deciding which system you actually need. We would help you take this decision.

CORAL Telecom Ltd., our principals since 1990, have state of the art EPABX manufacturing facilities at NOIDA in Uttar Pradesh & at Solan in Himachal Pradesh. Coral is an ISO certified company. In the telecom industry there is probably no better success story of an Indian company having relied on its own R & D efforts (as against borrowing technology from international giants) to acquire market leadership in sales and technology. Today CORAL has 22 sales and service offices in India apart from two overseas offices. The top class & internationally accepted quality of these EPABXs (from 6 to 7500 extensions) has to be seen to be believed.

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RANGE MANUFACTURED - We manufactures Analog EPABX with a configuration of 2 P&T lines and 6 extensions to 10 P&T lines and 48 extensions

APPLICATIONS AREAS - Offices, Small Office Home Office segment (SOHO), Motels, Business centers, hospitals, Flats, Homes and bungalows

Analog EX Series :

For those who do not require more than eight extensions (intercom points) and have up to three telephones lines (given by BSNL or any other service provider and this includes WLL lines) and are looking for an entry level EPABX system, we recommend our “no – nonsense”, cost effective & feature rich EX – 308. Like all EPABXs, it can be underutilized (you may have only 2 P&T lines or presently need say only 6 extensions).

Analog EX Features :

Intercom call; Call transfer; Call hold; Call pick up; Call forward; Call follow me; Conferencing; Barge-in; Redial on trunk; Auto call back; Call waiting; Flashing on trunk; Auto redial; External call forward; Door phone; Distinctive ringing

Analog AX Series :

Range: From 2 telephone lines & 6 extensions to 10 telephone lines and 48 extensions

These systems are exceptionally user-friendly. Their simple operation & compact design make them an ideal choice for business as well as home users. Most importantly, they are modularly expandable and have the unique ability to grow with the growth of an organization.

Unique features : 4 level voice guided DISA (direct inward subscriber access): Fully functional operator console with 32 character LCD display: Printer port with call buffer: ASMDR with extension wise billing & budgeting in Rupee terms: Fax detection: Monitored DOSA(direct outward subscriber access – that allows you to access your intercom station from anywhere in the world): Allow dialing of specific external numbers: Auto redial of multiple numbers: Ability to capture external CLI (caller line identification): Accounting package.

The AX console lets the receptionist know who is calling (name of guest & room number) even before receiving the incoming call. At the touch of a button, the console also gives a display of status of rooms (occupied, free, free but not yet ready). It allows check-ins and check-outs and is capable of printing call details along with miscellaneous bills values such as room service, laundry etc. It offers different kinds of alarms, call budgeting, abbreviated dialing and single touch keys to access guest services.

The Analog AX series gives all other standard features like: Day night mode setting; Paging; dialing from global banks; parking an external call; creating useful classes of service; creation of hot lines; programming of boss-secretary systems and also allows very user friendly programming routines.