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Software companies use these aptitude tests as an integral part of their campus recruitment process.

This is one of the strongest & most popular training modules delivered by us and on an average 2500 students benefit from this training, every year. Our rate of success is spectacular.

Training consists of comprehensive sessions on:

  • Verbal ability (analogies, reading & comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, sentence completions, sentence corrections); ;

  • Quantitative ability (arithmetic, algebra, geometry & statistics of SSC standard);

  • Analytical ability & reasoning (consisting of diverse puzzles and mind games), apart from intensive practice in techniques of excelling in

  • Group Discussions; and

  • Personal InterviewsIn a complete departure from practices followed elsewhere, each student learns how to answer in a high – pressure situation, hundreds of likely interview questions.

  • This training module has been designed for a total of 60 hours of classroom training, apart from another 40 hours of supervised practice.