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In our country, for inexplicable reasons, a person who speaks English well, is considered very knowledgeable & is looked upon with awe and respect. This is not really justified. Knowledge of any language other than ones mother tongue should evoke equal admiration.

A working knowledge of conversational English does open many doors that you would have otherwise been afraid to even knock. Internationally, English enjoys a premium like no other language does. It is natural therefore that you want to be comfortably fluent in Spoken English – the skill indeed supplements other strengths that you possess.

How does good SPOKEN ENGLISH help?

  • Your worth goes up in your own eyes;
  • It increases self confidence and productivity;
  • You can expand your circle of friends;
  • You perform much better at group discussions and interviews;
  • You can look forward to interaction with foreigners;
  • Children who speak English fluently can no longer give you an inferiority complex and
  • You get better JOBS.

At Creative Trainers, we train students in a completely innovative manner. You will notice this, the moment you step into our classroom. The course is broken into two modules covered in 50 sessions of one hour each:

  • Basic (25 hourly sessions)

  • Advanced (another 25 hourly sessions). We do not teach through the “grammar” route. Obviously this technique must have failed (everyone goes through at least 10 years of English grammar at school) or else why would someone come to us to learn to speak good English.

Who should join this course? Students, teachers, parents, executives, managers, housewives, working women – in fact anyone who aspires to SPEAK ENGLISH & add glitter to his or her capabilities.

Each session has a predetermined topic related to an actual-life situation that everyone faces in life (for example, how to speak to the officer at a bank). It also includes enjoyable translation exercises and discussions on known topics (for example Akbar-Birbal stories). Initially, students concentrate on the correctly spoken sentence - construction without undue anxiety about accent – this is polished only towards the end. The level of complexity is gradually increased & most students surprise themselves by fluently narrating imaginary events (what would I do if I won a lottery of Rs1 crore). The ultimate test of being able to express well in any language is the ability to first think in that language before the words come out.