Small is Beautiful and Powerful

Here’s a small portable business genius specially designed to serve you better. A compact and smart business switch – it is equipped with a bouquet of digital features you would usually associate with a much larger EPABX.

Range : Basic on board configuration of 3 telephone lines and 8 extensions but expandable to 37 ports (sum total of telephone lines plus extensions)

Just take a look at its unique features: ISDN port (to connect a digital trunk); Digital extensions where key telephones could be connected; GSM port where a mobile SIM card could be connected; Mini voice mail to automatically record messages in the callers voice; CLI based routing to automatically transfer incoming calls from specific telephone numbers to specific extensions without going through the operator; Intelligent forwarding of incoming calls to your mobiles or landline or your WLL numbers; Least cost routing wherein the system automatically dials your outgoing calls on those trunk lines on which the cost of making that call is the cheapest; Transferring of CLI information of an incoming telephone call from one extension to another; Recording missed call details (date & time) of all incoming calls that were answered and those which were not; Automatic redial of multiple numbers, multiple times; DISA through which an incoming external call can be made to land at a particular extension; Smart switch with sensors for remote activation of external devices like a refrigerator, an air conditioner, fans, geysers etc.; Multiple disconnect timers which can be programmed for automatic disconnection of calls being made from the exchange; External hold on music which can be of your choice; Sophisticated call billing software; Virtual accounts for unrestricted usage; Walking class of service; VIP calls with a distinctive ringing pattern; Multiple alarms; Built in software for automatic changeover from office to hotel-version.

SBDX has all the features that you could ever think of in an EPABX of this size & it comes to you at a cost that is just irresistible.

  • 3P&T, 8 Analog Extensions

  • ISDN Port

    GSM Port

    2 Port Digital Extensions

    Mini Voice Mail

  • 37 Ports



GSM Port*

This allows the user to use the feature of Least Cost Routing and dial calls on cellular network (GSM Port) thus saving costs.

Calling Line Identification (CLI)

The system has the capability to capture CLI from both analog and digital trunks (ISDN) in DTMF as well as FSK format. SBDX displays the CLI information on both digital and analog port throughout the duration of the call. Intelligent SBDX will even transfer the CLI of the calling party if call is transferred from one extension to another.

Missed Call Details

SBDX memory can keep record of all incoming calls answered and unanswered by extensions.

Restricted DISA

External call using DISA can be restricted to land directly on certain extensions.

Auto Redial

The system allows Auto redial of multiple numbers multiple times.