On line Registration / Purchase

What is online registration?
Filling up a simple form that asks you for basic information about yourself and your areas of interest, is defined as online registration.

Does online registration cost anything?
No, online registration costs nothing. It is only the first step towards either

  • your being sent required information or
  • your being requested to pay and subscribe for some service.

Will the information provided during online registration be kept confidential?
Absolutely! We do not sell or share this information with anyone and use it only to communicate with you & to analyse trends about visitors to our website.

How do I avail the facility of online psychometric test?
  • Please click on “online psychometric test” on the home page and follow instructions.
  • After you have paid for the test through your credit/debit card &/or net banking, we will be e mailing to you a user id and password that will help you log on to the actual test (by clicking on “existing user”). The user id and password would be valid to solve the test only once.
  • The system will offer you the next question only after you have solved the one on your screen. You cannot change your response to a question once you have confirmed it. vWhile solving the test, if for some reason, the internet connection breaks – you should log in again using the same user id and password. The test has been divided into lots of 10 questions and when you log in again, you will be taken to the beginning of the latest lot of 10 questions that you were solving when the connection broke. You may thus have to re-answer few questions. The system remembers all previous answer choices of yours.
  • It is recommended that you solve the entire test in one go.
  • After finishing the test, please click “submit” so that the file containing all your answers is automatically transferred to us. After clicking “submit”, the user id and password would automatically expire.