We sell EPABXs and telephone instruments.

Creative Business Techniques is one of the oldest distributors of telecom equipment, in Central India. It has an enviable record of satisfying its customers – many of whom have never purchased telecom equipment from anyone else for the last two decades.

An EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange) as the name suggests, is like having your own telephone exchange at home or office. It allows you to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls (if you so program it) on all your telephone lines from a single telephone instrument connected at a particular extension. It also allows you to make intercom calls amongst all extensions without of course using the telephone lines. There are myriads of features which you may want to consider before deciding which system you actually need. We would help you take this decision.

CORAL Telecom Ltd., our principals since 1990, have state of the art EPABX manufacturing facilities at NOIDA in Uttar Pradesh & at Solan in Himachal Pradesh. Coral is an ISO certified company. In the telecom industry there is probably no better success story of an Indian company having relied on its own R & D efforts (as against borrowing technology from international giants) to acquire market leadership in sales and technology. Today CORAL has 22 sales and service offices in India apart from two overseas offices. The top class & internationally accepted quality of these EPABXs (from 6 to 7500 extensions) has to be seen to be believed.

We have the following range of EPABXs for you! We are sure that we can offer what you have in your mind.

Our lists of NATIONAL and LOCAL customers read like a virtual Who’s Who of the Indian industry. Do take a moment to study these.