Mr. Prakash Shesh who has done his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad is a leading management trainer & has conducted over 600 programmes (duration one or two days) for working executives at all levels of the organization structure. A total of over 18000 participants have been benefited from these eye-openers.

He is probably the only trainer in the country who conducts management programmes in English, Hindi & Marathi with equal fluency.

He is known for his ability to break up complex issues into easily understood modules which are then effectively communicated.

Using innovative approaches to solve traditional problems & maintaining a light - hearted ambience during his sessions is what participants all over the country just love.

Participants have consistently rated him at a healthy average of 4.5 on a five point scale. Most have admitted to a perceptible increase in personal productivity after attending his management programmes.

Sessions include interesting management games and interactive exercises.

Please study the list of “key result areas” around which management programmes can be designed. These topics have been distributed in four categories

Salient details of the sub topics that would be covered under each head would give you a better idea of what will be covered under that topic.