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Want a bright future for you *CHILDREN?

Personality is only 10% physical (the way you dress, talk & move about) and 90% mental (your attitude, the power of your mind, compassion & willingness to sacrifice today for better gains, tomorrow). At Creative Trainers, we will help you to dust off those “mental cobwebs” and teach you to dream about being a world – beater. Realistic Optimism is our by-word.
Participants need to be at least 15 years of age to take part in our PDP training modules. For candidates younger than that, we would like to discuss on a case to case basis before including them in the class.

Sessions are conducted by highly qualified trainers who apart from being academically brilliant, have adequate work experience and flair to run such workshops.

Participants are encouraged to critically examine their personal beliefs and biases and are led through sessions that seek to achieve:

  • Emotional Development;
  • Personal Development &
  • Intellectual Development. All sessions have just the right mix of interaction and delivery of knowledge.

Our most popular topics are related to etiquettes, creativity, positivity, communication, leadership, motivation, public speaking, superstitions, morality, ethics, social responsibility and others that teach participants to respect others’ views without necessarily sacrificing ones own beliefs.

A certificate of participation and successful completion is issued by us at the end of each programme.

We often design special programmes for homogeneous groups (from same college / school / locality / vocation / peer groups) – so please get in touch with us to finalize customized seminars