On line Registration / Purchase

Can I cancel my online orders?
If you have purchased a physical item like a CD, orders cannot be cancelled if they have already been shipped out. However we will cancel the order if we receive instructions before the item has been shipped out. A cancellation charge equal to 15% of the order value will however be levied from the purchaser. If you have paid for an online psychometric test, no cancellations will be accepted.

How do I cancel an order?
Please send an e mail to creativepds@gmail.com with a copy to aarshbv@gmail.com instructing us to cancel the order. You will have to attach to your e mail, confirmation-details of the order that had been emailed to you earlier by us.

How will I get a refund for the orders that have been cancelled?
The refund that is due to you will be credited, either to the bank account or the credit card account from which you made the payment while placing the order. The refund would normally be activated in 15 working days from the date of receiving your instructions for cancellation.

What should I do if I receive a defective product?
All our goods are properly tested so the chances of this happening are remote. However should the need arise, please send an e mail to the same two e mail addresses mentioned above explaining the nature of the fault. Such complaints must be made within one week of receiving the product. The defective product will have to be packed (at your cost) & couriered by you (at our cost) to a designated address, as per instructions received from us. However if we realise that there was nothing wrong with the product when we test it at our premises, the courier charges for transportation back to us and re shipment to you, will have to be borne by you. Please be assured that this surely would be rarest of the rare case.

Will I get replacement for the defective product?
YES! If we find that the product shipped out to you was indeed defective, we will replace it and ship out a replacement to you, at no cost to you.